Monday, September 26, 2016

Swiss people support security

The Swiss people have just recently backed their government's actions related to security concerns, according to Reuter's newspaper. In a manner similar to many other countries, the government had proposed to effect more surveillance to overcome possible militant or terrorist attacks. This included the possible use of drones and manners of hacking computer systems.
However some opponents of the law, especially within the young people's wing of the Social Democratic Party obtained enough signatures (50,000) to force the issue to a referendum of the people. They thought the measures were too severe.
But , the people voted to support the provisions. Switzerland had not yet suffered the terrorist-type attacks seen so often elsewhere in Europe. Other countries, such as France and Poland have expanded “spy agency” powers following Islamist attacks there, emphasizing security over privacy. “Newer, better tools” are needed to reduce possibilities of such attacks in Switzerland also, suggested a professor of public policy at the University of St. Gallen.
On the same ballot were an initiative aiming to require businesses to use resources more efficiently, and one boosting retirement pension payments by ten percent. They also were both defeated.
The Swiss certainly do employ aspects of democracy to effective limits. As a result they have become one of the world's most socially and economically effective jurisdictions.

 If only we in Canada could use Direct Democracy to keep our politicians in check! 

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